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Rubber expansion joint

Rubber expansion joint


absorbing vibration and unwanted motions in pipelines and ducts


Rotary equipment in pipelines such as pumps, compressors, fans, turbines, etc. creates vibrations to the pipelines/ducts due to their performance which causes noise, fatigue, early depreciation of the pipelines/ducts, structures and other equipment that can sometimes have severe and irreversible consequences.

The use of rubber expansion joints is one strategy to prevent vibrations from spreading to other parts of the pipeline. Rubber expansion joints are widely applied in suction and discharge sections of pumps/compressors and turbines to absorb vibrations and neutralize shock and water hammer. Rubber expansion joints have considerable application in environments where fluid and/or environment contain corrosive substances including seawater and a variety of acids and bases. This feature distinguishes such joints from metal expansion joints. However, their range of pressure and temperature tolerance is lower than that of metal joints.

In some cases, rubber joints are used to prevent electrical conductivity and induction of galvanic corrosion.



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