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Metal expansion joint

Metal expansion joint


Metal expansion joints are applied in pipelines and ducts of various industries to neutralize the adverse effects of dimensional changes.


In systems concerning fluid conveyance, unwanted motions occur that may be due to thermal changes caused by the fluid or the environment, vibration of devices in the system (e.g. pumps, compressors, etc.) and/or motions induced by external factors such as wind, earthquake, structural settlement, etc. Flexible joints are used to absorb motions and prevent them from transferring to existing machines and pipelines.

Tolerating high temperature and pressure and absorbing axial, lateral and angular motions under proper arrangement are among the characteristics of metal expansion joints which allow them to be widely used in various pipeline systems and ducts in multiple industries such as water, oil, gas, petrochemicals, power plants, iron melting industries, steel complexes, air conditioners and more.



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