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Metal hose (Marin)

Metal hose (Marine) and its applications

Marin is a brand registered by IIVCO for metal hoses manufactured in the company. Marin hoses are flexible metal hoses with wide applications in many industries. In industries (e.g. oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, power plants, smelting and metal manufacturing, wood and paper products manufacturing plants, cement plants, sugarcane and auxiliary industries, and the construction and installations industries) where fixed pipes cannot be used to convey liquids and gases, the use of corrugated hoses is inevitable.
Marin hoses are mainly of stainless steel and used in the following conditions:

1) When the implementation of the conveyance line using a fixed pipeline is not feasible
2) To prevent vibration transferring from a device to another
3) continuous connecting and disconnecting
4) To neutralize dimensional changes (expansion and contraction) in the pipeline
5) To prevent the transfer of pressure thrust force to other pipeline equipment
6) To ensure the safety of facilities against earthquake

IIVCO is the first manufacturer of metal hoses in Iran and can supply these new hoses in various sizes (from 0.5 inches in diameter) and up for various pressure and temperature ranges by launching its first manufacturing phase. Due to the materials used in these types of hoses, they can be used to convey various types of acid and base, oil and gas derivatives, steam and many other fluids.






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