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Plastic Industry

Plastic products

IIVCO's plastic industry
Plastic products

The plastic manufacturing unit of IIVCO was launched in 2011 to manufacture and supply plastic parts for rubber expansion joints manufactured by the company.
In 2013, the Public Relations of the company started to manufacture its advertising gifts. The company manufactured several templates for advertising gifts in 2014.
In 2015, the company registered several patents in this field, including hookah filters equipped with anti-fouling filters and air valves, Golsa parts to use in kitchen sinks for scum absorption and water lubrication, multifunctional mobile phone holders and many kinds of automotive parts. In 2019, with the invention of new twin vibration dampers, the company decided to expand the number of plastic factory equipment and to launch multiple types of machinery in different capacities in the manufacturing line.

The company is ready to manufacture any plastic mold and supply parts needed by different industries.


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