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IIVCO's Cultural and Sports Club

IIVCO's Cultural and Sports Club
The sports activities are highly emphasized by the company's managers, and so they have provided the respective facilities. The managers are steadily utilizing sports equipment and seeking to encourage others to do so.
IIVCO's cultural and sports club started its activities in 2009 and has been active in the following fields:
• Attending Iran's premier volleyball league for two seasons
• Attending Iran's beach volleyball league for three seasons as well as domestic and international competitions and winning the silver medal from Thailand International Competitions
• Attending alpine skiing and winning the silver medal
• Attending grass skiing and winning the gold medal
• Returning to Iran's Super Volleyball League in 2014 under the name Iran Erteashat-e Sanati


IIVCO was nominated as the sponsor of Iran's U19 national volleyball team. According to this report, Iran's U19 national volleyball team will attend the 5th round of the Iranian volleyball championship (Super League) under the name of Iran Erteashat-e Sanati.
The company's volleyball team has been previously attended Iran's Super Volleyball League under the coaching of the late Hossein Maadani (Iranian volleyball player and coach; a former assistant coach and head coach of Iran men's national volleyball team). Maadani was an intimate friend of Ali Shahidian (owner and the Chairman of IIVCO) and coached the Iran Erteashat-e Sanati team for a while.
Iran's U19 national volleyball team, which recently won the Asian championship without losing a single set, is now seeking its goals in the 2015 World U19 Championships and is intended to attend Iran super volleyball league this year under the name of Iran Erteashat-e Sanati to maintain and enhance its readiness to win an international award.
Iran's U19 national volleyball team won the bronze medal from the 18th World U19 Volleyball Championship.
Besides these, the company has greatly cooperated with domestic producers to make film and TV series. These included mainly financial support and the provision of workspaces for film and serial production. The company is currently investigating the development of these activities in other sports and cultural areas.

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